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ivyessays.com review

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ivyessays.com review and discounts.


This is an essay writing and editing service. I liked the logo. It is a leaf of an ivy. It looks cute to me. The design of the site is quite pleasuring for the eye even though the font is a bit too small. The students or other groups of people who need an essay to be written or edited and whose vision is not that good, will have troubles looking it through. I would recommend to make the font larger. The color palette is nice though. It is restful to the eyes. What an irony. There is a panel at the top of the site. It says business, undergrad, law, medical, other. Therefore, according to the area you need your essay to be written, you chose the corresponding section. You may buy an essay, get an editing service or get an essay editing tips and advice for free. There are sample essays available on the site for business, law, medical and undergrad applicants plus other meaning editing services. There is no ads or additional plugins along with software to view the content required. All the buttons seem to be working and no punctuation and grammar errors were found.

Policy of price

There is no pricing section visible so to be able to view the price for the package you need, you will have to navigate the site until you find which is rather uncomfortable. I would make it clearer just so it was comfortable and seen at first sight where to go to look through the services, their cost, turnaround time and a writer interaction if possible. It would actually be very good because I am used to be in touch with a writer during the time he or she is working upon my paper and I am able to make changes to it if any.

Order details

To make an order is the something you will need some extra time again just because it will take time to find the so called “order page”. One page is 250 words on here. There are testimonials available for your view to get the idea of the service.  All the testimonials are surely positive for some reason despite it to be rather suspicious. Well, it is suspicious to me seeing all good written only. I mean if there was something not good written at least once it would give the service not a bad reputation but a feeling of it to be actually real instead of this fluffy-free and deadly professional place.


The site is tend to help. It has a nice design and everything seems to be pretty easy at first sight.


On the other hand, there is no pricelist seen. There are no order details visible. You need to dig really deep to find what it the most important while it should be right there so you see it as soon as you enter the site. That is what makes it easy to navigate and use in further.



The site seems to be okay even though a little uncomfortable in its exploitation.


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ivyessays.com review

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